Meet ‘Yes Sir Noceur’ - The Face and Sound of the Uppercut Deluxe Christmas 2016 Campaign


Yes Sir Noceur Band

Yes Sir Noceur have been defined as the love child of the Beach Boys, Jimmy page and Jim Morrison (if a love child of that kind were, um, possible). Hailing from the Gold Coast, QLD, the 4-piece band have gained a cult-like following since the release of their 2015 EP.

Yes Sir Noceur band

Yes Sir Noceur’s music has been described as ‘Zeppelin-esque, surf-infused, psychedelic rock’. Influenced by artists including Zeppelin, The Doors, Yard Birds, Pink Floyd, Django Reinhardt and The Growlers, their sound was one we couldn’t pass up for this campaign. The campaign narrative had already been created before we stumbled upon Yes Sir Noceur’s distinctive sounds on their self-titled EP.
The story revolved around the plight of the tireless musician, away from home and family during the Christmas period, struggling for their art, one small town gig at a time. We needed music that captured that loneliness and emotion of life on the road but offered hope and energy with an energetic hook. Enter the track ‘Mexican Walk,’ which delivered everything we wanted for this video.
Yes Sir Noceur front man Marc Cowie was actually unavailable during the time of the shoot, so drummer Rory Switzer traded his drumsticks for a guitar and a duffle bag and did an exceptional job as the hero of this campaign. As an added bonus Rory sports an impressive pompadour, which was cut and styled by the talented Todd Page (Instagram @toddpvge). We have no doubt Yes Sir Noceur (and countless other bands out there) will be spending their Christmas on the road, trying to spread their music to as many people as possible. We reckon such hard work deserves recognition.

Yes Sir Noceur’s new single ‘Turn to Fire’ is out now. Give it a listen

Yes Sir Noceur band

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